Social Media Content Shared by Atwood, Grisham, and Gates

BKW Partners created highly effective social media content to support our customer‘s entry in the NBC Chase Giving Awards.

The content we created was designed to be shared by the Worldreader team across their tremendous community of friends and supporters with many millions of followers. It worked. Margaret Atwood, John Grisham, Bill Gates, E L James and many others shared content and clickable links with their large audiences.






Worldreader was one of the youngest contenders in the American Giving Awards which aired on NBC. The non-profit with the most Facebook votes would win a $1,000,000 nonrestricted grant to continue their good work. While the organization did not win the $1,000,000 grant, they increased their social media following DRAMATICALLY—and the follow-on benefit of that has been fantastic since the event.

We created shareable images and text — as well as templates from which the Worldreader team could create their own.

We also updated key sections of the Worldreader website to support the campaign as well. These pages urged and helped people to vote for Worldreader as well as gave them content to share themselves. We removed the pages after voting closed.

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