When a Blooper Becomes Advertising Gold

by Emer Kelly

In Ireland, there is a beloved newscaster, Aengus Mac Grianna whose long pauses, fumbling, and bloopers are truly delightful. Last year, he made a mistake that quickly achieved viral success worldwide – even winning Jimmy Kimmel’s coveted Excellence in Reporting award. You can watch it below.

(If you’re Irish, you’ll stand with me in being hugely ashamed of the mess Kimmel makes of the poor man’s name. I made this audio clip for reference.)

A year on, we had almost forgotten this unintentional comedic perfection, when the following e-Bay ad was released, just ahead of Amazon Prime Day. It uses the clip so perfectly, that even viewers who aren’t in on the joke can enjoy it. It’s so simple, yet so effective, that it’s been knocking around in my head for weeks. Enjoy.

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Emer Kelly

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Emer (E-mer) is a digital marketer and graphic designer from Dublin, Ireland. She emigrated to the USA in 2012, and has never looked back. She likes to keep things interesting by doing a mix of communications, graphic design, advertising, strategy, and social media, and likes to build Wordpress, Squarespace, and Shopify websites and dabble in code. She works with companies and agencies all over the USA.

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