Why Our New Name?

Since 2005 the Rassak name has served us incredibly well. Today the journey continues with a our name BKW Partners — and this new website that we hope you explore.


In 2005  I founded Rassak and named it after a sheet metal factory my grandfather started in South Africa. In the early 20th century it was not uncommon for people to name their companies by spelling their name backwards. Walt Disney Imagineering was originally called Retlaw (Walter backwards). A more recent example is Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions.

Kristin Gets Involved

About four years ago I finally convinced my wife Kristin Wiederholt to become my business and creative partner. And it’s turned out really well — revenues have grown nicely and working has become quite a bit more fun (most of the time).  It also had some unexpected positive impacts on our marriage.But that’s for another blog post. As Kristin became way more integral to the business it made sense to have a company name that was not all me.

So… BKW Partners. Kristin’s the KW. I’m the BK. And the partners are all of these amazing people.

Coming Soon

The story of how we chose the name, what names we rejected. And why — which included some surprising research. Oh, and who influenced us.

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Curious how BKW can help you tell your story effectively? Let’s talk.  Our focus is on the technology and life sciences industries.

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