A Quick, Cool, Interesting Challenge For Anybody Who Communicates

When communicating–via any medium (a one-on-one conversation, a speech to a large audience, a TV spot, a PowerPoint, a website, whatever) it is very easy to forget that your audience might not be speaking your language.

This could be literally true, especially when dealing with an international crowd (and who isn’t these days?). But it’s most often figuratively true.

You think you’re saying (or writing, broadcasting, presenting or hosting) one thing. Your audience is hearing something else.

There are many ways to fix this. But step one is to recognize the problem (it is amazing how many people don’t recognize the problem.)

So here’s a cool little trick to help you understand the problem in an experiential way — from the comfort of your computer.

Login to Facebook (you’ll need an account, of course) and scroll all the way down to the bottom. Then change the interface (temporarily) into a language you DON’T speak.


Then think about the different ways you feel/experience this website communicating to you.  Any ideas? Feel free to comment.

It’s especially interesting to me because so much remains quite familiar (the friends, etc.). But it’s not speaking my language and I’m just not drawn in as  I would be.

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