About Uzzzz. Many Company “About Us” Pages are Snoozzzzers — Not This One.

by Barak Kassar

A while ago I bought this shirt in a store window in San Francisco. Perfect for Kristin. This weekend I had time to google the people/company behind the shirt—they’re called RAYGUN and hail from the Mighty Midwest. After almost buying (still might, BTW) several other shirts from their site (like this one, or this one,) I went to their “About Us” page. It actually tells a story. And a good one at that. It’s an “About Us” page worth sharing.

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Prior to co-founding BKW (formerly Rassak), Barak served as CEO of INBOXTV, VP Marketing for CHOW.com (acquired by CNET/CBS); and an early marketing manager at Wink Communications (acquired by Liberty Media).

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