Back from Summer… YouTube Tuesday: GoPro, “Who Gives a Crap?” Toilet Paper and Salesforce’s

Today I have three videos.. but only two marcomm critiques. That’s because Rassak made the last video you’ll see here and I’m biased : -). So rather than critique it I’m going to ask you a favor — please share them.

1: Happy Father’s Day from GoPro

What a great video. It’s a father’s day card. It’s a love letter. It’s made by an actual customer using GoPro’s product–a camera you might have seen clipped to bike and ski helmets. It sends all the right messages and just doesn’t feel like marketing. In fact, the only thing that turns it into an ad (and a Father’s Day card) is that GoPro posted it and “framed” it as such on their Facebook wall. I found it virally — always my favorite way — via Robert Scoble’s Facebook.

How GoPro turned a little love poem sent in by a customer in to a very sweet little ad.

2: Who Gives a Crap?

This new toilet paper company is donating half of their profits to sanitation projects in the developing world. They have done a good job with their message– they want you to feel good going to the bathroom because their paper is plushy and good for the environment. But their point is it does not feel good to go to the bathroom in many parts of the world — because there just aren’t basic sanitation setups in place. YouTube is very controlling in that they don’t let you link from within videos to anything other than other YouTube videos or channels.. but they have relaxed this rule for fundraising projects through Indiegogo and Kickstarter. So you’ll notice a “contribute” link within this video that sends you outside of YouTube to a place you can help support Who Gives a Crap?

Here’s a nice, sped-up recap… apparently a lot of people give a crap.

3: Salesforce

OK. I’m not going to critique these videos because (woohoo!) we made them at Rassak (with great help from Team Desk and a number of highly talented members of the Rassak Creative Network — all credited in the YouTube video description). FYI.. is a powerful product used by the customer service teams at Twitter, Vimeo, Square, Spotify, Yelp and loads of other companies.

This is a just-launched campaign… it’s still a little baby that needs tender love and care (ie please please share it as widely as you can). The direct link to the campaign is here.

A bit of backstory. I personally prefer these ones.. but others prefer the first one.


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