Balancing Act

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I want one. Need I say more?

Well since this is a “YouTube Tuesday Plus” post in which I promise mini marketing/branding/messaging critiques I guess I do need to say more. OK. Pros: I want one. The video makes me want one. That’s a big pro right there. I love how they show off the unique technology by dragging the product with a truck and kicking it. I love how they show a benefit of this by hitting somebody driving with a car. Con: I want to know how true that really is. Can I really get hit like that and walk away? The video is not super clear about that. Pro: I love how they mix up  the real-utilitarian-grungy-no-paint-job-we re-still-building-this-thing-prototype imagery with the motion-graphics artist-rendition imagery throughout — and the aspirational fashiony imagery at the end . Con: the video is un-embeddable. That makes it harder to share. You’ll have to click the picture below to see it.

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