If You Thought the Bud Light Ad Campaign was Bad, Check These Out … BKW in Fortune Magazine

Check out this Fortune piece headlined “If you thought the Bud Light ad campaign was bad, check these out” by Daniel Bukszpan for a quote from BKW partner Barak Kassar.

Kurl-On mattresses

Malala Yousafzai is many things — human rights advocate, female education activist, Nobel Prize laureate. And according to an ad campaign for Kurl-On, her wounded body can also sell the heck out of a mattress. The company ran an ad which featured her getting shot by the Taliban, bouncing off of a Kurl-On mattress and rising up to receive an award.

The advertisement was pulled and an apology was issued, but Barak Kassar, a partner at Rassak Digital Brand Building and Communications, gave a reaction to the ads that effectively summed it up in three words: “Cringe, cringe, cringe.”

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