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Here’s an edited version of a thank you e-mail we sent out to the BKW Partners / BKW Health team at the end of last year*. It’s a nice round-up of our work. So we wanted to share it with you too.

– – –

Happy almost end of 2023! We hope you enjoy whatever you celebrate. Thank you all for your contributions to BKW. We never quite know what the year will bring work-wise, but despite some bumps 2023 turned out to be pretty good. Together we accomplished a lot. 

We built a strong following for Serenity Medical via IIH-Hub. We ran and promoted 13 well-attended webinars. This took a huge effort led by Diana with great work by Shawna (who originally proposed the webinars), Adrian, Dana, and Emer.

The Hub’s YouTube channel now has 130 videos and is about to reach 1,500 subscribers. Look how popular some of the videos are.

We launched some amazing websites. Thank you Kim for leading many of these projects. Thank you Bleu for your designs, and Dana for your development. Thank you Dorothea for your illustrations on Infinimmune and thank you Emer for animating them.

Moonwalk Biosciences, South San Francisco
Tortus, London
Strand Therapeutics, Boston
Micron Biomedical, Atlanta
Infinimmune, Alameda, California

There were plenty more, not to mention all the updates/upgrades/changes to many sites.  And maintaining stability and security for quite a few too (thank you Rob).

For the website project, in particular, we strengthened our partnership with KKH Advisors. Moonwalk, Infinimmune, and Strand above were all done in partnership with KKH. And we did our first two projects in partnership with Cuttlefish Communications, including Micron Biomedical above.

We’ve delivered some great work for Gilead Sciences. Adrian leads design and Kim leads content. Thank you.

We’ve also been providing week-in-and-out support for FeedbackNow with strong social media — with both solid content (here’s one, sound on!) and smart audience targeting and promo. Thank you Keanu for running this show.

FeedbackNow by Forrester

And we’ve been helping Dwellsy.com with marketing advisory services and creative support. Here’s Keanu and Dwellsy CEO Jonas Bordo in Seattle. A bit of BKW history: Emer 98% designed the logo on Jonas’ jacket. It just underwent some final color tweaks after we delivered it.

Jonas and Keanu

Thank you for your hard work, your spirit, and your creativity. We wish you all a healthy, fulfilling, prosperous and fun 2024! 

Kristin & Barak

* Don’t worry, we say MANY thank yous DURING the year too.

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