Bloggers vs. The Rodeo.. Who Are The Non-Mainstream Media?

Reading all the news about how Obama has retaken the lead etc., I’m thinking a lot about the “hidden” communications channels — non-mainstream-media channels that are not reflected in the so-called mainstream media.

Bloggers as non-MSM get a lot of attention. But what about other “channels”? Like the rodeo.

During the last election some friends reported from the annual Sonoma County rodeo (as in Sonoma,  California). They arrived just in time to hear a recording on the PA system of news reports about the Sept. 11 attacks blended with patriotic music and the voice of Dick Cheney talking about how we need to protect the country.

This is powerful communication—not just the content but also the distribution strategy, AKA the choice of the channel.

Gulp again.

Photo credit Omar Omar

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