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[UPDATE: Lazarus Effect has been acquired and the website has been taken down. If you wish to see an archive of the site, please visit the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine]

BKW Partners shipped a new website for medical device maker Lazarus Effect. Working with Lazarus’ senior management—as well as our sometimes collaborator (and the always awesome!) Sharon Lake —our job was to understand the strategic communications goals of the company and translate those into a refreshed brand and website.

As part of the project, we created a simple visual—in the form of a goldfish and a net—to quickly express the core essence of Lazarus’ offering.

In this video we edited for the Lazarus website, you can see a common device called a retriever.  In the lower half, the device is upgraded with Lazarus’ innovative “Cover” technology.


The website itself is simple and powerful. It also targets information based on the location of visitors. For example, physicians in the EU are able to see different information not yet available or appropriate to US physicians — due to the differing stages of regulatory approval in both markets.x

The amazing close-up product shots (and video) were created by Mark Leet.

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