Comment Prize for February (Oh.. and for January and December Too)

It has been fun to see response to this blog. Sadly.. I have been a little lax in awarding prizes. Sorry! But let me get caught up.

The February comment prize goes to Sean McPhetridge. He writes in response to a post about communicating to instill fear vs. communicating to instill calm.

The January prize goes to Jeb Buffinton writing in response to a post titled “The Hardest Part About Communicating: Listening.”

December’s prize goes to Heather Zenone writing in response to a post on the role of communications in creating culture.

The prize: each can choose from one of the the following books:

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3 responses

  1. Barak – I’m thrilled! I’d like to thank the members of the Academy…
    Glad to have contributed to the debate.
    Just back from 2 weeks of head-clearing travel, have been giving our project some thought, and will shortly get an idea breakdown to you for discussion.
    “Outliers” looks interesting.
    Speak soon,

  2. Hi Barak,

    Well, I don’t think I can beat Sean Penn’s award speech, but I AM looking forward to equal rights for all.

    Now that I have the required political part out of the way, both “Made to Stick” and “Outliers” are on my reading list. So I’m happy with either.

    Working on a new project. Miss UnaMesa. Hope you are happy, healthy, and well!


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