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Here’s a challenge. Close your tab with Google in it so you can’t do any cheating/searching. Now try to describe one ad — any ad— you have seen from Lowe’s or Home Depot. Can you? I can’t.

OK. Now watch this. Odds are you’ll remember it —and if you lived in one of the markets served by this company the odds of you talking about and shopping at this company are increased.  It’s from German do-it-yourself home improvement company Hornbach. They have 90 plus stores in Germany and a smattering in Austria, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovakia and Romania. This version of the ad (there are bunch on YouTube) is from the Czech Republic. It’s a slightly shorter edit. Some are as long as a minute and a half. These people know how to tell a story and lodge their brand into your heart—well mine at least.

Update… A reader did remember an ad from Lowe’s from earlier this year. This ad is not as emotional as the one above.. but it is memorable. I do find it confusing though … it seems to make home improvement seem like a big pain in the ass.  That doesn’t seem hugely strategic for a do-it-yourself home improvement company. I’d be curious to see the research insights that led to this ad being made.


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