The Coolest Way to Show a House Ever

by Barak Kassar

If Kristin and I ever put our house on the market, I’ll be calling these guys instead of the home-stagers:

This fantastic video from Dutch bank ABN-AMRO  is part of a larger, clever campaign in which people selling their homes can win big ads (funded by the bank) to help promote their property.  As the bank’s special Huizen Promoter website says (thank you sort of Google Translate):

“Is your house for sale ? Well you might want some extra attention from potential buyers ? In December you can win a special promotion every day. Join the Houses Promoter and log on for free!”

Promotions so far this month include a radio commercial for your house, a “mega” billboard, a newspaper ad, posters outside ABN-AMRO bank branches. And, of course, the roller coaster … I don’t think the roller coaster is a promotion for an actual house (it’s for the campaign itself). Though the real estate agent (Van Diest & Van Diest) featured in the sign in the first few seconds of the video was certainly a winner.

I saw this video on Dave Marutiak’s Facebook.


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