Creative Directing and Walking at the Same Time

"This Pops"

I was not feeling a piece of work grab me the other day while working with a designer on a project. The work looked sharp — but there wasn’t one main element that called out to me… one thing that just popped off “the page” and made me want to dive in. It was all a bit of a blur.

I wanted something better before forwarding the draft work to our client.  I was thinking about this while walking along Mission Street in San Francisco when I saw this building.

That sign! No ambiguity.  Bingo!

I snapped a pic on my phone and emailed it to the designer with the subject line “this pops!”.

The next revision of the work was awesome.  Happy client!  Happy me! And special thanks to the people of Mission street for not walking into me — I’m sure I wasn’t looking up for about a minute.

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