“Least Sold”… eCommerce with Character

Some companies believe their logo is their brand. And that’s that.

Some of the best brands communicate with every sinew they have. You find the personality quirks of the brand peeking through everywhere. This gives them a highly efficient means of getting their brand messages out— because they look at EVERYTHING as a communications opportunity. This often means they need to advertise LESS — saving money.

Vincon... Photo Credit Alex Castellá
Vincon... Photo Credit Alex Castellá

One example is Vincon, a Spanish retailer with a store in Barcelona and Madrid. If you ever have a chance to check out their incredible selection of funky and beautiful products — from bags to couches to motorcycle helmet covers with red mushrooms on them — you should.

Their website is one place their personality peeks out. They offer many ways to look at/categorize their products … including a Least Sold section. Many companies don’t want to admit they have a section of their inventory that doesn’t move so fast. Vincon turned this on its head. This section is perfect for those who want something that hardly anyone has.

Be the first on your block to own a least-sold item from Vincon
Be the first on your block to own a least-sold item from Vincon

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