Ending “Wrap Rage” … Amazon.com Takes on the Total Customer Experience

Everything communicates… and nothing communicates an attitude of “we don’t really give a shit about you” more than the totally insane, impossible-to-open, clamshell packaging that MANY products come in today.

Amazon.com has taken this on. Showing that they’re not just an e-commerce retailer, but a retailer through and through, the company posted this letter from founder and CEO Jeff Bezos on their website. I love it. (Please note.. the letter looks like it has links in it.. you can’t actually click on them individually the way i’ve reproduced it here.. sorry).

They have also created a site (amazon.com/frustration) within Amazon where people can share their images and stories of frustrating packaging.. and where they feature “frustration-free” packaging.

Letter from Amazon's Bezos (Note.. please don't click on the links.. it's an image)
Letter from Amazon's Bezos (Note.. please don't click on the links.. it's an image)

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  1. As I understand it (and it made sense when I heard it) the insanely difficult-to-open clamshell packages are an anti-shoplifting measure. Pocketing a tiny memory stick is easy, pocketing a plastic case the size of a hardcover book less so, and cutting the former out of the latter takes too long.

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