Rural WiFi

A campaign to promote WiFi for Frontier Communications

Would you like a side of INTERNET with that? Frontier Communications knows its rural markets because it has been there for years, offering phone and internet service to residential and business customers. BKW enthusiastically took on the task of helping them develop a strategy for launching their new WiFi service. We produced creative ads and materials and worked with Frontier management to brand the service in a way that balanced the client’s outstanding technology with local flavor to build undeniable excitement around the launch.


USA's Rural Telecom Footprint

Frontier has a strong footprint in rural parts of the U.S.


Free coasters for bars, cafes, restaurants and truckstops promoted Frontier’s WiFi offering in the establishments.

Mouse over coaster to flip it

Caution: The internet here is HOT

Coffee sleeves kept it cool for Frontier WiFi reps, their customers and consumers.


Keeping it clean

Flip the flyer

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