Funny Content for Salesforce is a powerful product used by the customer service teams at Twitter, Vimeo, Square, Spotify, DirecTV, Clear Channel, Yelp and thousands of other companies. were looking for something that was a celebration of all "the amazing customer support agents who spend their days delivering happiness to customers." They also wanted to support the idea that customer support can be fun (and that they, as a company, were fun too!)

Our web design and content teams dove in and what they came up with was a kooky, zany, fictional lab "High atop one of the earth's tallest mountains." The team scripted, shot, edited, advertised and distributed the episodes.

In the first episode we're introduced to Dr. Ryan Ruttledge whose job is to create the "Tools to provide the most AWESOME customer service on the planet." We also meet his lab assistant, John, whose source of happiness in life comes from pleasing the people around him.

In episode two we go on a tour of the labs, and become steeped in this wacky wonderland of non-science. Finally, it's time for our first experiment: poor John is thrown out of an airplane from 30,000 feet to see if he can delight 30 customers (In 39 languages) on the way down. His tools? A parachute, the Customer Service App, and Google Skydiving Glasses.

To complement the videos, we created a banner ad campaign that looked a little something like this:



This campaign was highly successful, with big kudos going our to the BKW Creative Net. Soon after launch, it received a nice write-up in the Huffington Post that said

You don’t normally associate humor with business software, but social and cloud computing juggernaut Salesforce has just launched a Web campaign last week — and it’s funny.

If the Huffington Post thinks it, it must be true, right?

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