Companies Don’t Have Voices, People Do. Companies Have People. Use ‘Em

Do companies have voices?

Companies thinking about their social media strategies are asking themselves this question. Of course with other more clearcut media like a brochure, tv ad or website, companies must find their voices too… But these media are kind of frozen in time so its easier to decide whether the piece in question  represents the voice (often aka the brand).

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Social media is more dynamic (great social media is MUCH more dynamic) so finding a voice that can resonate in this way is more tricky. And monitoring the voice in real time and over time kinda freeks pr managers and brand committees (is there an emoticon for shuddering?).

I believe these people should chill out a bit.. social media can really humanize a company. It is, after all, called social media, not antisocial media.

By chilling out I mean finding people who can be trusted to give voice to the company and let them go for it.. let them blog, tweet, facebook, comment, chat and otherwise schmooze up the world.

Companies don’t really have voices. People do. Companies have people. Use ’em.

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