Google Allo’s Little Web Animations Are Better Than Allo’s Video

Google just released YACA (Yet Another Chat App). No it’s not called YACA. It’s called Allo.

Allo’s prime job right now is getting people to think it’s worth it to download YACA to their phone.

They pull out all the stops with a video at the top of the Allo website and then simple animations below it.  The whole website is embedded here so you can scroll through it. What do you think? I preferred the animations.

I did go to download the app. But I was too lazy to enter my password into the appstore. Not a great sign. It was goodbye before Allo for me* :- (

*Allo does have some smart tech in it — like “machine learning” that keeps an eye on how you respond to people and then suggests ways it can respond for you in your own style. That might be cool to try. But later. 


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