Ramp’s Viral Loop in 3 Perfect Steps

Look how Ramp is growing their business by getting their brand in front of their customers’ customers—in three perfect steps. This is called a “viral loop” which is a very specific design for growth marketing. What’s so perfect about this one is how simple it is. But you know how it goes… making something as simple as this was not a simple process. This took thought and work.

1. Email

We got an email from one of our customers (Altoida) asking us to enter banking and tax info into Ramp.

Complete vendor details

2. Thank You Form

We added all the info. It was easy and a pleasant online experience. Then the thank you page. Note the perfect lime-colored button on the left inviting us to learn more about / try Ramp. This all makes perfect sense as we’re a business too. We could be in the market.

Ramp thank you page

3. Simple Landing Page with Perfect Customer Testimonials

Their landing page is simple. Nothing/nobody tells your story better than your customers. And Ramp does that perfectly here. The featured people have similar roles to the person seeing the page. The featured companies are recognizable.

Have you seen a good example of this? Let us know.

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