I Think I’m Turning Swissonese…

… I think I’m turning Swissonese, I really think so.

There must be something about the Swiss. Brands, it seems, want to be Swiss.

There was a time, I recall, when everybody, it seemed, wanted to the the Patek Philippe of their industry. “We want to be the Patek Philippe of mobile phones” … “of set-top boxes” … of …

You never actually own one
You never actually own one

Nowadays it seems to be Davos. I just got an email inviting me to the Davos of Twitter conferences. And it’s not the first time lately that conferences have been refererred to as the Davos of __________.

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  1. Having worked as a supplier to the World Economic Forum, I have first-hand experience that Herr Dr Schwab is very protective of the “Davos” brand. One of these days, he’s going to go to court to set an example… A lawyer could advise with more certainty, but I suspect one can refer to Davos as a Swiss destination, but one runs a risk using “Davos” as an adjective before an event, implying quality connotations or association with or blessings of the WEFs Annual Meeting.

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