It’s a Toy, It’s a Sculpture, It’s Got a MySpace Profile

I bought some Babel Blocks (a slightly hard-to-characterize-exactly sculpture-toy) at the new Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco last week. Chen, Jose, Mary, Moishe and Nafisa (there are more!) are inspired by the people on the streets of the NYC according to producer/manufacturer Boym Partners. Each character has his/her own Myspace profile waiting to be befriended by you!! , they live in a bunch of cool online music videos (see below) and they’re also hanging out in the “physical” world (in my case my dining room).  It’s another nice example of digital and physical  blending into one reality. What’s really relevant to marketers here is that you gotta believe the Boym people conceived of this product/idea/marketing initiative from the start as ONE thing—product is one, marketing is one, digital is one, physical is one… it all works together, communicates together. (And yes, it is ironic, that the product is called Babel).

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