Lost Cobra

Betabrand, a San Francisco clothing company, put up this billboard  a day or two ago in my neighborhood. It needs no commentary. It’s amazing.

I know I’m not the only one who is captured by it. I was crossing the street yesterday on foot and trying to make eye contact with a woman in a car to make sure she saw me. I had no luck. She was staring at the billboard. For a long time. Like actually reading it. Who does that anymore? Great work Betabrand.

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5 responses

  1. That lady that was driving the car that almost ran you ran you over was driving a blue SUV? That was my wife, sorry.

  2. It is very clever but unless you know the brand name ( I presume lost cobra), it is a lost cause. I rate it a 10 for attention getting and a 1 for relevancy. It does evoke a big Hhhhuuuu?? Not a Aahhhaaa!!!!

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