Making Lemonade

I have been on vacation and, um, not exactly blogging. You might call this a “transition” blog post… a way to get my mind from sun and chill … back onto work.

One place we stayed on our trip was a youth hostel in Lisbon– a funky (the good funky) spot that felt a bit more like a boutique hotel than a youth hostel. I have not been in a youth hostel in a loooong time. My wife pointed out it was a “look into the past for the parents and a look into the future for the kids”.

Anyway… the hostel is very tall.. and no elevator. And we were on the very tippy top floor. LOTS of steep stairs.

Instead of apologizing for this, the hostel turned it into a positive … using fun words to keep you going and feeling welcome.  For example:

calories per stair
calories per stair
top floor
top floor (BTW, 1 Euro beers are a real positive too!)

The tallness is part of their identity … they seem to love it and make guests love it too.  The hostel, if you’re interested, is Good Night Hostel.

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