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Just after writing about Coldplay watching the exits to see if they’re playing the right songs,  I came across this cleverly named (and actually clever also) app that serves a similar function. Qwitter (made by some developers called Contrast out of Dublin) sends you an email when somebody “unfollows” you on Twitter — and also sends you your most recent Twitter update before they’d headed out the exit for a “hotdog or whatever”. It’s a rough (but better than nothing) way to track the relevance of your content to people.

A screengrab of the Qwitter site
A screengrab of the Qwitter site


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  1. Sites like twitterrank are attempting to rate your relevance on twitter by applying an algorithm to your twitter statistics. These algorithms look at number of followers, people you follow, tweets, retweet rate, likes, replies to arrive at a value. While not perfect, like qwitter and social too, it does give clues into how much value you add.

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