October 2008 Comment Prize Awarded

This blog’s first most-interesting-comment-of-the-month prize (October 2008) goes to Hans Peter Brondmo, CEO of social-technology firm Plum. He commented on a post about consumer needs in tough economic times in which I discussed Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs. Hans Peter said:

Glad you’ve got “social” on the list ;-)…

I happen to believe that connecting with people becomes a need and perhaps in some cases a rediscovered virtue and value in times of turmoil as well.

For his prize, Hans Peter can choose between Lego-style iPod speakers or a Moleskin notebook. Soon I’ll decide on the prizes for November’s most interesting comment.

BTW… even in this month’s comment prize there is a something to think about for digital communicators… Hans Peter’s comment didn’t actually appear right here on this blog.. but on a “distributed” version of it on Plum itself.

I find it  effective to push the blog beyond it’s own pages to other sites with quite a bit of traffic of their own. Depending on the post, I “syndicate” the blog  to Facebook, StumbleUpon, Plum, AlwaysOn, Fast Company… all of which have their own set of people who comment either there or by linking back here.

And I salute Hans-Peter for promoting his own platform by commenting on Plum.

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