Oooooh I want to Try This

by Barak Kassar

I really want to get a Lightform kit and start playing around with it.  The San Francisco company calls their tech “projected augmented reality” which is kinda a mouthful and … whatever… their Instagram feed is what sold me.

Here are a few choice bits:

The first video sort of explains how it works. For a very very very short Instagram explainer video it’s pretty good. Plus I love the farting  projector :- ) .

Then you have the Dogmented Reality video (love it!) followed by two examples of commercial/retail applications.

The last one is their first true real-world application, a cafe menu. BKW has never done any retail work but we have done quite a few booth designs. Lightfordm could be really great at a tradeshow.



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Learn more about how Lightform works! (Link in bio)⠀ #projectionmapping #AR #projectedAR #lighting #design #videomapping #augmentedreality

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Prior to co-founding BKW (formerly Rassak), Barak served as CEO of INBOXTV, VP Marketing for (acquired by CNET/CBS); and an early marketing manager at Wink Communications (acquired by Liberty Media).

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