Rassak Creates New Website for Mill Valley Philharmonic Orchestra

Rassak recently finished up a redesign and rebuild of the Mill Valley Philharmonic Orchestra website. The orchestra is a fantastic organization led by music director Laurie Cohen. One of their core beliefs (and we can’t agree more) is that music is a key aspect our individual and community lives. This is a direct quote from MVP’s website: “Whether participating as a player or as a listener, music engages our imaginative powers, awakens our aesthetic sensibilities, and inspires our creative expression. Experiencing music as a community unites our spirits and voices.”

MVP is all about community. Check out just some of the local players in the screenshot below. Listed are their names and day jobs. If it’s too small to read here… head on over to The Orchestra page on the live website.



Another really nice aspect of the site is the program history section. You can go back 12 seasons and not only read about each program performed by the orchestra, you can also see the really beautiful program artwork. It’s like a mini virtual museum — a “Way-Back-Machine” for San Francisco Bay Area community classical music art.



Here is Kristin at the Rassak office training Laurie Cohen and Erin Tiedens on how to use the WordPress content management system so that they can make updates to the website themselves.

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