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Photo by Moriza via FlickrPhoto by Moriza via Flickr

From Wired Epicenter: Mayor Hacks Snowmageddon with Epic Tweets

Author: Sam GustinVia: Dylan TweneyNotes: Newark, NJ mayor Cory Booker uses Twitter to brilliantly communicate directly with the people as he delivers diapers and other aid during blizzard. Scores incredible PR coup in process. Piece includes snarky jibe at NYC mayoral tweets during same time period.

From RIS (Retail Info-Systems News):  Top 10 Consumer Tech Trends 2011

Author: None ListedVia: David RisherNotes:  My favorites: “social objects” and “group pricing”.  Also this detail stuck out “a U.S. Retrevo study found that 11 percent of people under age 25 feel it’s OK to interrupt sex to check an electronic message.” Very nice too that Risher’s Worldreader (a Rassak client) is mentioned in the story too.

From the GoSPORTn corporate blog: 485,000 visitors. 150,000 fans. 96,000,000 impressions. A good year for GoFISHn

Author: Ned DesmondVia: Ned DesmondNotes:  Ned is an old friend who used to be President for digital at Time, Inc. He’s now building a really exciting digital media company focused on large affinity groups. His first is GoFISHn. Up next, per the post, GoHUNTn which will benefit from loads of learning Ned and his team enjoyed during year one –some of which he shares with you via this piece. Ned’s first headline learning “businesses profit when they tell their story onilne”. Yes they do!

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