Slow Jamming the Legalese. Compliance and Creativity from Robinhood.

OK, not exactly slow jamming, but this is cool.

Check out the legalese at the end of this podcast from stock-trading app Robinhood (scroll ahead to 2:54).

Robinhood is an innovative company. It can feel a little like Tinder for stocks (but is much more). Give it a try, if you haven’t. (I had an account until my son absconded with it. He’s now learning by doing about investing.)

Their approach to the required legal info at the end of the podcast is refreshing and creates an affinity towards their brand. It’s a nice example of not being afraid of compliance requirements, but embracing them creatively.

Robinhood is being smart/innovative about distribution (getting the word out) as well. The podcast itself draws people in to learn about investing and become aware of Robinhood. The show is about 15 minutes long. But they have a 2-3 minute version (the one with the hip hop legalese) that is included in Spotify’s personalized Daily Drive playlist that combines your favorite music and podcasts from the likes of NPR (and Robinhood). That’s how I learned about it. I’m not sure if Robinhood pays to be part of the Spotify compilation or were chosen (or worked angles to be chosen). Whatever the mechanism, it’s clever.

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