Snap’s real friends campaign: “I know her highs, her lows and vice versa.”

by Barak Kassar

Snap (makers of Snapchat —- and semi written off not that long ago) has been in the news. For good reasons.

They have a new head for their ad business and she’s re-warming advertisers to Snap.

They’re also generating headlines like “Earnings this week show Snap, Amazon and Twitter are cutting into the Google-Facebook ad duopoly.”

And now this new ad campaign. They are fully positioning themselves as the place real friends connect for real. In juxtaposition to other social media. I love how warm and engaging (and um, friendly) it is. I am a fan as a consumer (because I just am) and a fan as a marketer because it hits its message on every level: the words, imagery, titles, and tone/vibe.

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Prior to co-founding BKW (formerly Rassak), Barak served as CEO of INBOXTV, VP Marketing for (acquired by CNET/CBS); and an early marketing manager at Wink Communications (acquired by Liberty Media).

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