The $6 Billion Style Guide

Business Insider is showing screenshots of a document they found (originally on Hacker News) that is supposedly the internal style guide at Groupon — the juggernaut local coupon startup that just turned down a $6B acquisition offer from Google.Here are a couple bits from what might be the most financially successful how-to guide for writers ever. The document itself is filled with real examples for these …  and more.

  • Don’t presume to know anything about the reader
  • Avoid repetitive use of the imperative. The reader doesn’t want to be told what to do.
  • Avoid corporatespeak (words like) “proactive, efficient, productive, innovative, ideation”

There’s lots more. Check the link.Thanks to Lindsay for pointing this out. Check out the nice animation of Hillary Clinton swaying back and forth on her home page (as of this posting).

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