An Awesome Email Pitch

The California Sun is really great, and so is their just-emailed sales pitch.

This summer in Stockholm: coffee and the California Sun

I love love love the California Sun. It’s one of the only two* email newsletters I read each weekday.

It ‘s free. Let me just quote their editor since he’s a far better writer than I am.

“Hi, I’m Mike McPhate, a former California correspondent for the New York Times. I survey more than 80 news and social media sites daily, then send you a tightly crafted email with only the most informative and delightful bits.”

That’s not fake news.

But why am I writing about the California Sun in a marketing communications blog? Here’s why. They just sent out a email that began like this…

“It’s been nearly a year since we started this experiment called the California Sun. Now we’re about to find out whether we can make it sustainable….But it isn’t free. Among other costs, there’s wire photography, email and publishing services, and a considerable amount of labor.”

They go on. But what I love is this their clever way of asking you for money. It’s a smart little interactive slider. Watch how the words change as you move up and down. “Take that Netflix!” It’s clever and it makes the point well.

I made a little GIF so you can see it for yourself. Or just click on over and become a member. I did.

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