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Nothing communicates more about your company than your product itself. And digital products, cold and technical as they are underneath, can be made very warm and filled with personality and human-ness.

Dialog boxes are great for this. I collect them (well, screenshots of them) and will begin to share them here, from time to time.

This one is from the Customer Relationship Management tool we use at Rassak. It’s called Batchbook. I loved the little ego boost the product gave me when I uploaded my first batch of contacts. This is instead of saying something boring like “processing, please be patient.”

When a product gives you an ego boost you are more likely to boost the product to friends... and keep using it.

This is a company that knows about customer relationships and the emotions that drive them—and they are baking that knowledge into their product design. Awesome. BTW, Batchbook is also making a little lemonade here. They are turning a negative (having to wait because they can’t process names that quickly) into a positive (feeling good  because you have a lot of contacts).

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