Five Great Things About This Product Video for a Podcasting Tool

Yesterday was International Podcast Day.

My current favorites are The New Yorker Radio HourStreetwise Hebrew, and Where Should We Begin? What are yours?

Podcasts seem to be everywhere. Yet the opportunity for making podcasts is likely only just beginning. As podcaster (and VP Marketing at Drift) Dave Gerhardt wrote on LinkedIn yeterday, “There are only 700k podcasts and over 20M YouTube channels by comparison.”

If you’re going to make a podcast there are many things to think about. And one of them is, well, how to actually make one. Check out this cool product video for Descript Podcast Studio. And then read on for five things that make it great.

BTW hat-tip to another VP of Marketing, Osnat Lidor (of Kin). She shared this video on Twitter where I saw it for the first time.

Five Things That Make The Video Great

1. Funny

Funny is not the only way to grab and hold attention. But its a great way. There aren’t many joke-jokes in this video. But the comic timing is right on.

2. Fast

The video actually clocks in at almost 3 minutes. But it moves quickly with fast edits. It doesn’t linger or overdo any one point. You start watching and next thing you know you saw the whole thing. That’s not an easy thing for videomakers to achieve.

3. Aspirational

The tone makes podcasting seem easy and fun and — well come on, just go make one.

4. Anticipates (and Neutralizes) Criticism

There’s a grumpy guy in here who calls the product a toy. And then, bam, they show how it’s not a toy and sports some serious editing tools. He comes back later in the video as a fan.

5. Perfect People-to-Product Ratio

How many product videos have you seen that put you to sleep and are just product, product, product, and more product? Note the ratio of people to product here. It’s a good ratio.

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