110 million US residents rent their homes.

Dwellsy is out to the upgrade their experience. BKW is a key partner in developing and growing the brand.

Insight-Driven Brand Development

BKW convened a series of brand-development sessions with the leadership team of Dwellsy, a company that provides a platform designed to help renters. The sessions included renters from the BKW team, and together we looked at mass-market brands with strong brand voices, uncovering insights from renters, and helped draw out the founding team’s personal values. This work formed the basis for a strong brand platform.

Empathetic, inclusive, with a touch of funny.​

Empathy is key to the Dwellsy brand. With 110 million people renting their homes in the U.S., renters outnumber homeowners. Our development sessions connected the statistics about modern housing trends with the real-life needs of renters, helping us discover that the need for empathy and respect is common for this substantial demographic. And of course, humor is a powerful way to connect with each other, and our audience.

Website Branding & Design Exploration

Logo and Color Palette

We designed a logo that embodies Dwellsy’s values of inclusivity with bold colors, a friendly font, and an integrated symbol.


BKW designed a simple, engaging homepage for the Dwellsy MVP.

Dwellsy App UX

BKW helped Dwellsy design an intuitive user experience, including streamlined search functionality. We focused on an experience that helps highlight the unique attributes of Dwellsy’s innovative product.


BKW created beautiful and effective print collateral for Dwellsy, in addition to helping them design and produce business cards and apparel.

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Video Storytelling

From Georgia (USA) to Georgia (former USSR), BKW content team is skilled at getting the story in any environment. With top execs in the Bay Area to people in some of the most resource-constrained environments on (almost) all continents.

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Branding a Unicorn Nonprofit

We helped Worldreader set their brand and messaging before they even applied for their 501c3 status. We created their content and website, helped simplify and refine their tagline, and helped them communicate successfully online.

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