Raising Awareness for a Silent Killer

Leveraging Africa's largest sporting and media event to get people talking about (and testing for) viral hepatitis.

Viral hepatitis is often called a silent killer. It can exist without symptoms until it’s too late.

The prevalence of hepatitis is an under-appreciated global public health epidemic, though Hep B is 100 times more infectious than HIV. The virus is particularly prevalent across Africa, where 70 million Africans have viral hepatitis B or C.  Almost none are aware.

The Kick the Virus campaign was designed to raise awareness via one of the continent’s most popular sports and media events, the TOTAL Africa Cup of Nations. By sponsoring the event, BKW’s client was able to have their message seen by more than 400 million viewers across multiple channels including the web and social.

Messages Built into Each Match

The cornerstone of the the campaign featured animated ads on the LED screens that circled the playing field. Stadium attendees, along with TV and web viewers were exposed to the videos for 10-15 minutes per match for 52 matches.

Activation at Matches

Long lines, fun and education. During key matches we offered a chance for fans to kick the virus in a live penalty kick game and win prizes while learning more about the cause.

Pan-African Viewing Parties

We were able to reach large groups of people through viewing parties across Africa: they watched football, enjoyed DJs, and were able to receive useful info on viral hepatitis.


We designed an engaging casual game to present valuable information in a fun and effective format. Let your fingers do the kicking.


The Kick the Virus campaign generated press throughout Africa and around the world thanks to the combined efforts of our client’s internal public affairs team, their agency, Edelman and our partner agency, The African Storyteller. Check out this piece from Sarah Newey at The Telegraph.

Influencing Influencers... Including Kenya's First Female Sports Announcer

We delivered art and local activation ideas to our client’s partners across Africa. The partners then helped broaden the reach of the campaign through special events and endeavors such as football viewing parties in Kenya that featured  popular DJs and publicity support from local celebrities, one of whom live-streamed her testing for virus B and C.

Trending Hashtag

Efforts in Kenya caused #kickthevirus to trend.

Extensible Website

A website that can be extended with more information beyond the campaign offers general and country-specific information on viral hepatitis.

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