The Not-So-Naked Chef

This is painful.

Jamie Oliver, AKA The Naked Chef, has a website that’s far, far too adorned with stuff. The essence of the site — the recipes — is too hard to access.

I’m sure the team’s intentions are good. There are revenue considerations (hence the ads) and regulatory considerations (hence the cookie monster sidebar thing) but it doesn’t make it any less painful.

When you get to the website, it’s like only 20% of what you can see is what you actually came for—Oliver’s yummy recipes. The rest is ads (not a new phenomenon) and the huge cookie settings box on the left so that the site can be compliant with European, Californian, and other privacy regulations.

It’s a crazy box. People don’t need a zillion options for managing their cookies on a single website. True, a single click does get rid of the box. But still… it’s there.

It’s time for Oliver to get a bit more naked again.

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