The Success of reMarkable Tablet’s Latest Viral Video Could Depend on Where People See It

by Barak Kassar

reMarkable tablet (BTW I have one and love it) have a handful of videos on their YouTube channel. A couple, from a year ago, have about 800K – 1M views. And one that dropped just two days ago already has almost 700K views. That’s viral. I think it’s happening because the video captures the zeitgeist in a powerful way. It’s a great video. It’s also a very useful example for thinking about how to package amazing viral content like this in a way that also drives brand recognition and, ultimately, sales. Here’s the video:

On the face of it, the video breaks what I consider to be a key law of marketing communications. It drops bombs, not aid. It’s easy to drop bombs (rhetorically obliterating a competitor or (as in this case) a way of life)—and sometimes it’s a great idea. But drop bags of grain too. Let us know who you are and how you plan to make life better. In the video reMarkable does not really do that enough. BTW, I said the same thing about E-Trade some time ago.

But the video does exist on this very interesting and well-done webpage on the reMarkable website. As you can see below, the page really makes the case for why reMarkable is a solution. The page contextualizes the viral content. It also has a “learn more about reMarkable” button very clearly at the top and ends with a nice, strong pitch for how reMarkable can help you get your brain back. I did chop bits of the page out in the screenshot, so look at the whole thing yourself here.



If most people are seeing the video on that page, reMarkable is golden. If most people are seeing the video on YouTube (without context) it means consumers are going to have to make a bigger leap and see more content from reMarkable over time to remember the brand.

I invested quite a lot of money on my reMarkable tablet based on their earlier videos (see below) and product reviews. And I’m really happy. I use it a lot. It helps me focus on thinking, planning, creative writing—without the distractions of emails, texts, news (and, lately, Abbi and Ilana). It works as advertised. And it continues to get better with each software upgrade. BTW, they have only one competitor, Sony

Here’s the video that sold me.

Oh, BTW, here’s another great use for reMarkable: Scattegories!


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