Today’s Google Doodle is Totally Awesome

The title of this post used to be: “Today’s Google Doodle is Totally Awesome, But It Does Show A Weakness”. Not too long after I wrote this, Google launched Google + and the second half of the titile and the second half of the post seemed suddenly very off. So… new title (above) and edits (with strikethroughs) below: -barak

Google’s “Google Doodle” logo today is undeniably cool. It’s created in honor of electric guitar pioneer Les Paul and allows you to play and record songs with your mouse on the strings. The strings, when hovered over, take on the Google colors. Super cool. But. Google is notably now playing cactch-up in social technologies. And it just seems as though social is clearly not yet in the company’s DNA. How extra cool — and powerful for Google — would it be if people could save and share their recordings. Part of the beauty is the whimsy and and ephemeral nature of these doodless — but that would not go away with an elegant, Googlesque take on sharing. Go play though. It’s fun.

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