Twittervertising… An Idea

The basic uses for Twitter seem pretty set right now.  I’m thinking about wilder uses. E.g. here’s a mock of a site (or desktop or mobile app) that a brand could build/distribute. Here the interface takes on the look and feel of the brand in question while accessing standard Twitter content–or perhaps autofilling a hashtag or address. What do you think?
Pushing Twitter
Pushing Twitter

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4 responses

  1. I have mixed feelings about it, on the one had its a very large advertisement (even dwarfing the twitter logo) but since your suggestion is I assume to have it twitter related it might be nicer than having something like FB where there are ads scattered all of the side of the page.

  2. great idea, twitter needs a feature like this to better personalize/advertise its user interface. Maybe they charge for this feature, finally giving them a way to monetize the site. They could charge by follower, too.

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