What?!? Dunder Mifflin is Making a Superbowl Ad?

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Companies asking people to create ads is not a new thing. Yet this campaign caught my eye because…

well, because it’s for Dunder Mifflin.

Yes, Dunder Mifflin, the once fictional company in Scranton, Pennsylvania where the US version of The Office television show takes place. Once fictional because NBC (US home of The Office) and Staples actually got together to create a real line of real Dunder Mifflin branded paper. It’s apparently selling well and they’re expanding to other paper products. That’s just cool.

They are reaching out to people to create a winning Superbowl ad. Of course the ad will run in just one market—Scranton.  But that’s a relatively inexpensive way to build buzz. They are offering some nice tie-ins with The Office. Creators from the show will help judge the ads. I’ll feature actual videos, if possible, when they become available. Maybe one might be yours?

Think you have what it takes? Enter here. The contest is being run through the very cool and elegantly executed “creative crowdsourcing” site Tongal.


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