You Seem To Have Already Purchased the Product

An important component of the work we do at Rassak is recognizing and working around the fact that the audiences our customers aim to connect with are frazzled beyond belief. That’s life… we’re all busy and not necessarily paying attention as well as we should/could—certainly we’re not paying as much attention to those marketing to us as those who are marketing to us would like.  Usually my conversations about this subject have to do with getting and keeping customers’ attention via stand-out creative work and ongoing, respectful relationships.  Well… I just stumbled upon a nice example of the latter. ExpensAble, Inc. makes a handy product for tracking expenses while on the road. I knew I’d tried the product once before, but had totally forgotten that I’d actually bought it a year ago (I burn through laptops and don’t always remember which software I had). Anyway… today I decided I need ExpensAble and requested a free trial off their site to get started. I got a warning on the page in red letters that said I’d already downloaded the software… as I started to read I was thinking “grrrrrrrrr, they’re not going to let me try this again, how annoying, time to dig for the credit card , where is it?!?!?!?” Instead the warning went on to say that it appears I bought the software and they’re about to email me a link to the download and my confirmation code (see screengrab below). Nice. Very nice, in fact. That warning message probably didn’t cost too much to code into the website and they bought at least my loyalty for a long time. I’ll remember ExpensAble over their competitors and talk about them. That’s marketing.



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  1. would be nice if more companies did this!
    But, checking the website you mentioned, it resized my ff3, which is not really a nice thing. Or should your blog be blamed for that? 😀

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