Your Professional Life and the New Facebook Profile Page — Cool AND Annoying

Facebook rolled out a new design for people’s profiles earlier this month. It highlights some interesting features for those of us who like to use Facebook for professional networking. Many people think of LinkedIn as the professional network and Facebook as the social one. I am very active in both places — and treat my personal and professional lives as very much a single thing on Facebook. So it’s interesting to see Facebook’s moves into professional connecting.

The Cool

The new profile has a very cool new feature that lets you break down your work  history at a particular firm into projects . You can say who you worked with.This is SO Facebook and has lots of potential. It adds a whole new dimension to share and relate to one another.

The Annoying

The vast majority of my Facebook interactions are sharing  NEW INFORMATION with OLD PEOPLE. This consists of so-called “wall posts” (photos, comments, links and the like).It’s also very important to me to readily share OLD INFORMATION WITH NEW PEOPLE.  And that’s where the parts of the profile page that are not “the wall” become important. I like to give easy access to basic information about Rassak (and my other company Zibkids). In web design this is sometimes called persistent information.The new profile SEEMS to be great in this regard. Allowing you to highlight work easily up front — though if you have two jobs like me you can’t put both up there… and you have to tweek the facts about start-dates to force the one you want to feature to appear.BUT…  I cannot find any way (PLEASE help me if you can) to link to the Rassak page I want to here. I have to link to Facebook-created so-called “community page” with no content and four (intrepid) fans (thank you BTW) vs. the official Rassak Facebook page.Aurghhh

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