YouTube Tuesday: Kmart “Ship My Pants”

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Thanks to Cathy Barragan, marketing director at the Rassak client the Children’s Creativity Museum for sending this in … she sent it a few days ago and it’s gone insane since then. It’s Kmart’s most viewed YouTube video. It’s getting a lot of mainstream press. Normally I’d not include a 30-second video in YouTube Tuesdays because it’s basically just a TV spot. But I can’t see Kmart airing this one on TV .. so it’s perfect.


My personal reaction to this video surprised me… it kinda grosses me out .. (and not much does!!). But my personal reaction isn’t the point because it IS working for a lot of people.

And I do love it when any brand (especially a big one like Kmart) takes risks. And this is pretty risky for such a mainstream brand.

One strategic communications thing that is off in this video) is that I really don’t get why you would want to ship pants from a store when you can just take them home with you … the value starts to make sense when they get to the shipping furniture bit midway (check it out in the store then ship it) … and they do explain the benefit of shipping pants at the end (if something you want (say your size) isn’t available in the store you can find it online there and ship it home).

It works … It gets you linking shipping and Kmart in your brain .. And that is good. But it coulda perhaps have been sharper.

What do you think?

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