YouTube Tuesday Plus: Asia Pacific Advertising Festival

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The Asia Pacific Advertising Festival was held March 17-19 in Pattaya, Thailand (BTW.. our family is going to Thailand for the first time this summer…. I’m super excited about that) and here are my personal favorites of the winning entries. I only drew from entries that are appropriate for YouTube Tuesday Plus — they had to be for a product or service and they couldn’t be a print ad or simply a short TV spot. Here goes:

The Second Most Famous Pitt  in the Family


This is funny. And clever. And it’s so on message … Virgin Mobile (Australia) is promoting plans focused on fairness. And they want to be fair to Brad Pitt’s un-famous brother by giving him his first endorsement deal.  The campaign comes with it’s own microsite: with the very well-crafted message that sets the stage:

“At Virgin Mobile, we believe everyone deserves a fair go. So to make things fairer in the Pitt family, we made Doug Pitt the face of our brand. Find out how you too can experience  a little fairness.” 

A Car Made From All The Parts Their Competitors Don’t Insure

Wicked smart… also from Australia:


I am Mumbai:

The Mumbai Mirror newspaper brings stories from it’s pages to life in an arresting video. In the end they say, “Mumbai Speaks Every Morning.” And they ask, “Are You Listening?”

Filming the Sun, Using the Sun


This is a cool idea … from Panasonic which makes all manner of video equipment .. but I wasn’t very excited by the video. Then I saw the image above and it turned me on to the project. So here’s the video. I do really like the animation at 00:47

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