YouTube Tuesday: Tone Deaf #PovertyPorn, a Well-Handled Call To Action, and Sex (Toys) Sell Gun Safety

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Three videos for you today. Enjoy. Or Cringe. Depending.

Sex (Toys) Sell Gun Safety

What’s there to add here other than repeating for the 18th millionth time that humor, surprise, and taking creative risk very often pays off as it has here yet again. I’d have tweeked the comedic timing at  the end a bit.. but who am I to argue with a gazillion youtube views. Great job.

Tone Deaf #PovertyPorn and a Tone-Deafish Apology

Ugh. This is a video for a non-profit in South Africa called Feed a Child. Well, it’s their second video which starts out just like the first but with an apology of sorts from the org’s leader tacked onto the end. Here’s a poverty porn primer if you need one.

Oh sh*t. They have made the video private.


Watch this instead:

And check back here. Maybe they’ve changed the privacy settings again. BTW, even their ad-agency got in the we’re sorry act.

The All-Important Call-to-Action

This next video is not one that promotes a product or service. So it really should not be included here if I’m being strict about my selection criteria. But something those of us who make videos for companies and non profits struggle with all the time is how to handle the all-important “call to action” — that thing (usually, but not always, at the end) that tries to get viewers to do something. Fast forward to a few seconds before this video ends and note how nicely they have handled this. The hyperlinks won’t work in some mobile environments (everybody has work to do in this area, including YouTube) but on a computer it’s a great model.

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