YouTube Tuesday: @USAir to CLT Edition

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I’m on a US Airways ride to Charlotte, North Carolina where, coincidentally, USAir’s infamous Twitter faux-pas began a week or so ago. Read more about it here for a lesson in checking your clipboard before pasting a link into a tweet.
Welcome to a new format for YouTube Tuesday. Commentary is going to be shorter (like Twitter length shorter). Faster for you. Faster for me.
Let’s see how this goes. This week we got four smart videos.  The first three  are heartwarmers that put story first and product second. Putting story first and product second is a good formula for successful content marketing. Not familiar with that term? Here’s a decent definition (if I say so myself :- ). The fourth video is all product. Just a solid example of a well-done product video. Note how they’ve resisted the urge to overexplain and make it more complex than it needs to be. from Vodafone

World’s Toughest Job from Cardstore/American Greetings

Moving Content Marketing from Flickr

Business Notebook from Evernote and Moleskin

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